May 222017
  • The 35-year-old American was hit by a car during a training exercise in Italy last week riding a bicycle and suffered severe head and chest injuries. On Monday, the Maurizio Bufalini Hospital, where he had been placed into a medically induced coma, confirmed that he had died 05/22/17.

A man who raced motorcycles at close to 200 mph,

Apr 232017

From cars that had hoods open

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Feb 082017

We’re now Subaru Ambassadors

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Dec 022016

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Oct 272016

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Oct 142016


Ever wanted to see how a Ferrari F40 would fare against a RUF CTR and a modified Toyota Supra on track? Back in 1994, the excellent Japanese car show Best Motoring brought these legends and more to the famous Tsukuba Circuit to battle it out.

Best Motoring did some pretty crazy races in its day, but we think this one takes the cake. It features no fewer than eight cars in a “Super Battle,” all of them automotive superstars.

Let’s run down the list real quick. A first-generation Dodge Viper leads the pack, followed by a Ferrari 456GT. Next up is a turbocharged Toyota Supra, and by its side sits a Porsche 930 Turbo. Behind them are a Honda NSX Type-R and a RUF CTR. And rounding out the pack are another very modified Supra, and none other than the legendary Ferrari F40. Quite the grid indeed.

And because it’s Best Motoring, don’t expect the drivers to treat these cars nicely. There’s plenty of two-wheels-off and sideways action throughout the race, not to mention some incredibly brave passes.

We’re fairly certain something like this will never happen again, so we’re glad it was all captured on tape to be enjoyed decades later. If you want to see an NSX-R dive-bomb an F40 into a corner, this is the video to watch.


  • 1990s Track Battle: F40 vs. Viper vs. NSX vs. 911 Turbo vs. Supra and More
    In 1994, Best Motoring brought two Ferraris, two Porsches, two Supras, an NSX, and a Viper together for one crazy track battle at Tsukuba Circuit.
  • YouTube Best Motoring
    AUG 31, 2016


Oct 082016


We were at “Riverhead Bay Motors” in Riverhead NY LI where my son was a former employee and he wanted to say HI and get his car inspected. They refused to inspect his car stating it was customized. They were a little confused about the ground clearance and suspension travel. So the service manger was checking on forums to find information. If the car is a Subaru, it’s a Subaru dealer and they’re suppose to be CERTIFIED/LICENSED technicians shouldn’t they know what’s what. I think they were just being SPITEFUL  and IDIOTS. We then drove to a dealer just down the road and asked if they would inspect the car and they look at the car, inspected it and it passed.

Jul 292016

Jul 292016